Link Building as the Most Important SEO Skill

With the advent of technology and the increasing demand for smart phones, there has been a dramatic increase in use of social media and in the use of search engine services. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important components in marketing strategies.

link buildingLink building is an interrelated approach to achieve your main goal of maximizing your website’s visit. It involves both technical (such as programming and webmaster skills) and non-technical (psychology and behavioural sciences)aspects, as well as traditional marketing strategies.

Considering the Black Hat and the White Hat approach in the SEO, one should tactically consider on how to implement the link building tool if he is aiming at getting into the ranks and maintaining that rank as well. Black Hat approach uses the fastest way possible to increase page visits – that is through spam links. Definitely if one website uses spam links and deliberately spreads them, the visits would increase. However, this is considered short-lived.

Consider this point: search engines earn their profits by providing quality links for their users.

If the users would get low quality links, they would refer to other search engines. Basically, users hate spam links because they don’t get anything out of them. Thus, search engines, as much as possible, get rid of spam links to provide optimum service to users. And so, if a website relies on spam links to increase its number of visits, and since spam links are connected to spam websites, then that specific search engine will get rid of the link and the website. Page rank will definitely drop.

linksIn relation to this, link building in itself requires an interrelated approach from developing comprehensible content, sales, programming, psychology and behavioral sciences, and the traditional marketing skills. Remember that users need good quality content for websites. Also, if your purpose is not just to market the website but also the products and services of your website, then you must provide well created content that will sell these products and that will make your target audience believe in the capability of your products through your website promotion. Accordingly, through the traditional marketing strategies and psychology skills, you need to determine the patterns and behaviors of your target market. This may also fall in the webmaster psychology skills. What is it that they need to see? What do they need?

Putting all these in a model, it appears that the two main components of link building are Webmaster psychology and value Propositions. Webmaster psychology will tell you when and where to act. Value propositions include the mixture of technical and non-technical parts – the cost and location and web content, and the traditional marketing skills such as the ego bait, business relationship, friendship, outbound content. Remember that a good network is always an important part of the business.

Never underestimate the power of networking. Having said, consider the social aspects of doing your link building such as ego bait. You may need to do it in a way that will essentially serve as a compliment for another target website,which in turn will provide you an incoming link. To maintain this relationship, it has to return the favor. Your personal connections will definitely matter on this part.

Turning these concepts into action, you are prompted to create high value content – that which is comprehensible and with resources that will benefit the users. You also have to consistently develop that content and promote it via outbound link building. Resort to contextual linking. More importantly, monitoring of your visits should be an important way to determine if your link building has been effective. If carried out effectively, one would definitely hit that page high rank and finally achieve the main goal of increasing the return on investment.

Because of this interrelated approach in link building, it has now become one of the most important SEO skill used in today’s business.

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