Lanyards for Cause-Oriented Group with Limited Funds

Lanyards can be effective tools in raising awareness regarding a certain cause that your organization or group wants to impart to other people. Most cause-oriented organizations continue to exist and go on with their work through donations. In order to get more funds for their group and cause they need others to be aware of their existence. It is quite tricky to spread the word about your group’s existence if you have limited funds. Most campaign materials that can help you spread the news about your existence are costly, and some recipients just throw them immediately in the first trash bin they encounter.

Some organizations consider flyers as cheap alternatives that can help them get their message across and, hopefully, get others to join them. The trouble with a flyer is that it becomes useless, to most people, after the recipient read all of the content of the flyer (there are some who discard it right away even if they read only half of it). It is tough to make the flyer work for you over and over again, simply because no one will be able to read it again once the original recipient decided to discard it.

For an organization with a limited budget or funds, you need a campaign material that recipients won’t easily discard and to make it work for you over and over again. Many people find several ways to use their lanyard other than their original purpose. People won’t easily discard something they can use for different things, and that makes a lanyard an ideal campaign tool.

Choosing the Most Suitable Design

When planning your lanyard design it is advisable to choose something appealing to the target age group without losing the identity of your organization. You can prepare a design that’s hip and contemporary to catch the attention of teenagers and make sure that it contains your organization’s trademark or logo. You can use formal designs to capture the interests of parents, professionals, elderly, or other mature audience.

It is easier to distribute the lanyards that were especially made for a specific age group. All you need to do is bring the right batch of the lanyard that you intend to give in places that get frequent visits by the target age group. You will surely get more takers, and the more people take your lanyard, the better.

LanyardsMake sure that the lanyard is something that the recipients will actually wear and let it stay for a long time. Each time the recipient wears the lanyard and goes somewhere, she can help you spread the word regarding your cause. It is also important that the inscription on the lanyard is clear, and anyone can read and understand it in a split second.

Where to Distribute

To utilize the benefits of your organization lanyard to the fullest, you need to make sure that each one lands in the hands of the right person. You will be more glad that you have conceptualized different designs for different target groups.

If your advocacy is to promote healthy eating, then you can distribute your lanyards near schools, supermarkets, health clubs, and the likes. If a particular area is frequented by teenagers, then it is recommended to give them a lanyard with a design that they would be willing to wear.

You need to give your lanyard to someone whom you think will wear it, someone who believes in your cause, or someone who can become interested in your cause.

It is also advisable to let each member of your organization wear the lanyard wherever they go.

If you have limited budget for your campaign materials, then it is more practical to choose the lanyards to spread your cause.