How the Essence of Custom Challenge Coins has been Preserved through the Years

customchallengecoinsNowadays, a lot of people are already aware of the purpose that custom challenge coins serve. This is because almost every single civic organization and private corporation has made use of these coins at some point. Not only that, members of the general populace have also been using challenge coins for various purposes. Some people give it out as tokens of their wedding celebrations instead of the traditional wedding souvenirs. Even in birthday parties and other special events, challenge coins have become the souvenir of choice.

There are a few other instances when the use of custom challenge coins has strayed from its traditional sense. These instances include:

1. The distribution of challenge coins by various companies as collector’s items. This is often viewed as a highly effective marketing strategy to increase the company’s profits. One such example are the collectible coins that have been released to commemorate the centennial anniversary of a soda company. Coins were engraved with various designs and released along with products with special markings on it. The public were urged to keep buying the products until they have collected the complete series of designs on the collectible coins. In the long run, these collectible coins often find its place in history as ‘rare’ collectible items. Some collectors might agree to pay a handsome price for a complete set coins.

2. Commissioning custom challenge coins as gifts to celebrate special family events, such as birthdays, anniversaries and the like. As a matter of fact, some private individuals have also made use of the coins to celebrate the anniversary of an adoption in the family or even to celebrate birth.

3. The manufacture of challenge coins that have a dual purpose, such as challenge coins that also serve as bottle openers. These coins are a popular choice among college organizations, fraternities, and sororities. It is also a popular choice among sports enthusiasts. One thing that some enthusiasts do is to place an order for custom challenge coins that have the logo of their favorite teams engraved on it. These coins are then customized further so that it can also function as a can opener. The coins are then distributed as gifts to fellow sports enthusiasts. Who says beer-guzzling sports fans can’t be sentimental too?

Despite all the changes that custom challenge coins have undergone throughout the years, it still has not lost its original purpose. The military still awards special challenge coins to soldiers in various units. These coins are awarded to veterans who have just returned from the battlefront, mostly in aid of overseas conflict resolution. Most of these veterans are already set to retire, which means that they would no longer be facing any future battles. This is in contrast with the way that coins were awarded in ancient times.

Back then, there was a possibility that soldiers could be awarded with coins several times in different battlefields. This was because the soldiers didn’t retire and would usually just go from one battle to another in support of their commanding officers. The coins served to build the soldiers’ morale. This purpose was carried on by various unit commanders during the 2nd World War.

However, instead of merely awarding coins to a select few, the commanding officers often gave out challenge coins to every member of the unit. These coins served as a shared secret between the members, something that they each had in common. It strengthened the bonds of brotherhood for these soldiers, which added to their sense of unity in fighting a common foe. This brotherhood and solidarity is the primary essence of challenge coins that many modern organizations are trying to instill in their own members.

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