5 Tips in Hiring an Article Writer

There are more than 10 million article writers online. Obviously, choosing the right one is not as easy as you may think. Do not fret. The selection and hiring process is easy. Just follow these five steps and you will be fine.

1.Check some credible article writing companies online and see if you like their services, niches, or samples.

With the increasing need for web content, more legit companies start to take offering different writing services very seriously. These companies have a pool of writers with different areas of specialization to cater to a wider market. You can choose a company or writer who specializes in your niche or just avail a package to save some.

Content writingThe good thing about checking article writing companies first is that they have guaranteed quality and wider range of services. They tend to be more expensive than when hiring an article writer directly, but they have more to offer as an organization with more manpower.

2.Check out online job boards for freelancers.

Online writers earn an average of $42,000 a year, so you can imagine how much talented people are now shifting into a more convenience freelance writing career. There are a lot of excellent writers today who sell their services through online job boards and classified ads. You can choose the specific article writer of your choice and negotiate for the conditions, job order, and payment. The transaction is usually more flexible than when you order from article writing companies, but the security of transaction is not as high as the latter.

To avoid being scammed, you can go directly to online job boards and freelancing sites where writers are rated by reputation and quality. You are also required to pay only after receiving a quality service. There are also job boards where the freelancers charge a specific amount for all types of services, like four and five dollars for every package (usually of one to two articles).

Online classified ads that do not have strict screening processes and validation systems still exist, but they are becoming less common nowadays.

3.Interview the article writer to confirm if your demands can be met.

Many competitive article writers can write about almost everything. Just give them the topic, title, and keyword so that they can start working on your job order. Sometimes, clients are more specific, like where to put keywords, what exact content is expected of each paragraph, etc. However, keep in mind that not all article writers are that flexible. Some of them cannot take so many directions in one project, so you have to lay down all your requirements before you can hire the right article writer.

4.Ask for written samples.

All freelance writers and article writing companies will tell clients that they are good at a specific niche or type of writing. Everyone can claim that, especially if the other end is on the other side of the world.

For validation, ask a sample so that you can check if the quality meets your standards. Legit freelancers and companies always keep samples and online portfolios that prospective clients can check anytime, like downloadable files or blogs. Nevertheless, it is preferred that you give your requirements first so that you can be sure that the output is not downloaded somewhere.

Hire a copy editor or ask a friend if you are not too good at checking. This is important if you are planning to build a long-term partnership with the article writer or company.

5. Look for the commitment.

Many freelancers feel that they can work whenever they want to just because they are their own boss. They do not understand that clients are usually time-bounded. There are strict deadlines to be met, so you should also impose your demand. The output should be ready for delivery on the expected date or time. There should also be close coordination with the writer as the project is on-going.

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